Campus Access – 1.1002

POLICY: Campus Safety must ensure that all visitors entering the campus have a picture ID and a valid purpose for entering. After 5:00p.m., Campus visitors must be sponsored or be attending a scheduled event. Those entering the campus for business or to attend a scheduled event will be issued a visitor’s badge, and vehicle access pass (as appropriate).


  1. Gate Access and Operation Hours:
    1. The southwest and northwest gates shall be operational from: 7:00a.m.-6:00p.m. Monday­ Friday. The 42°d Avenue gate shall be operational 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Employees may enter/exit through any gate during the gates’ operational hours.
  • Students shall have the capability to use the main entrance/exit and the NW entrance/exit during the gates’ operational hours.
  • Visitors must use the main entrance/exit at all times. A card swipe system will be used to capture a photo image of visitors and to print a photo badge for them. This temporary photo ID badge must be worn so it can be readily seen at all times while on campus.
  • Vendors must use the NW gate entrance/exit during the period 8:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. However, designated vendors will be permitted to use the SW gate for deliveries to the Bookstore, Mail Center, Dining Hall and Conference Center. Vendors arriving after 5:00p.m. must make special arrangements through the Campus Safety Office to obtain access to the campus.
  • Employee and student pedestrians must enter the campus at the pedestrian gate on 42nd Avenue. They must swipe their FMU issued ID cards at the pedestrian gate to obtain access to the campus.
  • Pedestrian visitors must present a picture ID at the front gate. The ID shall be swiped and a pictured visitors badge shall be issued during normal operational hours. After 5:0Op.m., a visitor must be sponsored on the campus by a resident student that will be required to complete a sponsorship form to facilitate a guest accessing the campus through the pedestrian gate.
  • FMU employees and resident students with a properly affixed decal and transponder on their vehicles will be allowed to enter the campus without interference during regular business days from 7:00a.m. -10:00p.m. However, FMU employees and resident students must be prepared to present their FMU issued ID upon request if they arrive on campus with guest(s) in their vehicle, or if they arrive on campus during non-operational hours.
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All occupants of the vehicle must present an official photo ID. The decal holder will be held responsible for the guests they bring on campus.

  • Commuter students with vehicle parking decals and transponders shall be able to enter the campus during operational hours for classes, the library, and computer labs and to attend scheduled school events/activities.
  1. Visitors arriving after S:00p.m. must either be attending a scheduled function or activity on campus or be visiting a resident student.
  1. If the former, the guest must indicate specifically which function or activity he or she is attending. Campus safety will verify the function and swipe the guest pictured ID and issue him/her a temporary ID badge.
    1. If the latter, a resident student must complete and submit a sponsorship form for the guest or visitor in order to facilitate his or her access to the campus.
  • Grantmg Access: Campus safety shall adhere to the following procedures when granting campus access.
  1. Determine the legitimacy for entering the campus and verify: eg. visit a specific office; meet with a specific faculty or staff member; visit a specific resident student (guest must be sponsored; and sponsorship must be verified before being allowed on campus); or attend a scheduled event or activity.
  • Upon verifying the purpose for this visit, Campus Safety will issue a dated visitor’s badge that must be worn and prominently displayed on an outer garment, and a timed visitor’s pass that must be prominently displayed in the vehicle at all times while on campus. For pedestrians a visitor’s pass will be issued and must be worn visibly on the outermost garment at all times while on campus.
  • Resident students must complete and submit a Sponsorship Form for their guest(s). Sponsorship Forms will be available in the residence halls. Sponsored guests are expected to be with the sponsor on campus. If found without their sponsor, the  guest will be asked to leave the campus. After three such occurrences (guest violations), the guest will be recommended for disbarment from the campus.
  • To better control campus access during the evening hours, the NW and SW gates will close nightly at 6:00p.m., except when there are special functions on campus.
  • Gate and Campus Access Violators:
    • Visitors and guests who do not adhere to the Campus Access Procedures will be asked to leave the campus. If the visitor or guests defies instructions to leave the campus, Miami Gardens Police will be called and the person could be subject to arrest for trespassing.
  • Individuals that repeatedly violate our campus policy will be prohibited from entering the campus by written notification, if possible.
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  • A listing of those prohibited from entering the campus will be maintained at the front gate (Welcome Center).
  • Close liaison will be maintained with The Miami Gardens Police Department to facilitate enforcement of the No Trespassing Notification. Miami Gardens Police will be contacted if a person or persons known to be on the restricted access list is seen on campus.
  • Campus Safety will be required to maintain a log listing the sighting of individuals whose name appears on the restricted access listing.

NOTE: Report Suspicious Activities: Students and employees are encouraged to contact the Campus Safety Hotline at (305) 626-3771 when they see individuals or groups loitering, or engaging in suspicious or unlawful activities anywhere on campus.