Policy Review & Development Committee


The Policy Review Committee (PRC) exists to provide support and regulation to the University’s policy development life cycle, ensuring that before new policies/changes to policies are passed. The PRC is chaired by the Director of Human Resources.


The role of PRC is a regular standing committee responsible for advising the board on matters relating to the board’s policy infrastructure and processes to ensure it remains relevant, accessible and up-to-date. While PRC writes the policy drafts, the president decides when a draft will move forward or if changes need to be made.

  • Professional development training to provide teams with additional context and information to support the planning of policies prevention strategies.


  • President’s Designee
  • Provost
  • Faculty Designee/Representative
  • Finance & Administration
  • Campus Ministry
  • Information Management and Technology
  • Campus Safety & Security
  • Human Resources
  • General Counsel
  • Procedures

    • Research and development of policies and strategies in higher education, particularly in HBCU. Monitor federal, state and local policies and their impact on policies and strategies.
    • Reviewing and recommending policies.
      Education and Training – Mandatory, quarterly (risk management, safety, compliance, etc.) training to include webinars.
    • Reporting – Quarterly and annual updates on policy effectiveness.
    • Also, recommends policies for decommission.