Campus Mail Services – 1.2005

Policy No. 1.2005

Subject: Campus Mail Services

Issued By: Department of Auxiliary Services

Approved: 3/9/2012

Effective: 3/12/2012

Revised: 12/2/2012

POLICY: Florida Memorial University provides the FMU community with reliable and professional service for the receipt, processing, and distribution of United States (US) and campus (inter-departmental) mail related to official University business. Campus Mail Services complies with United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations and University, local, state, and federal policies relating to mail service. 

Campus Mail Services are intended for University business only. The services must be utilized for the processing of metered mail. Campus Mail Services reserves the right to refuse, return to sender, or discard any mail or package that is not intended as University business. Campus Mail Services cannot be used for the following instances: 

  • Non-University business use – faculty and staff should make arrangements to receive personal correspondence at their home address 
  • Partisan Political Activity 
  • Lobbying Activity 


Mail Preparation 

The campus mail address should include the name of the person, department, and building. Campus mail should be in a reusable, inter-departmental envelope to prevent it from becoming mixed with outgoing USPS mail. Outgoing mail must have a University return address on the envelope. 

The size of an envelope should adequately accommodate its contents. Cash and other valuables should not be sent using campus mail. 

Mail for Residential Students 

Campus Mail Services will process incoming and outgoing University resident mail. Non-residential students may rent a mailbox depending on the availability of mailboxes. 

All resident mail should be properly addressed with the name of the resident, full campus address and mailbox number. Residential students should visit the Campus Mail Center to obtain a mailbox for $10 plus a refundable mailbox key deposit of $10;  total  $20. Remit the $20 to the Bursar’s Office, obtain receipt and present it to the Campus Mail Center for a mailbox assignment. There is a $10 replacement charge for lost keys. Mailbox keys must be returned at the end of the academic year or the key deposit will not be refunded. Visit the Can1pus Mail Center for Mail Box Key Deposit Refunds. 

Postal Rates and Fees 

Departments are charged for all postage and are encouraged to seek the lowest possible postage rates by coordinating large projects with Campus Mail Services prior to beginning the project. A postage rate calculator is available on the USPS web site. 

Items That Cannot Be Mailed 

Items that cannot be mailed include but are not limited to: aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, flammable or explosive materials, illegal or infectious substances, metal pieces, lottery tickets, paper clips, and poisonous materials. 

In keeping with U. S. Postal standards, the University uses its discretion over items that may be determined harmful or dangerous.