Fundraising – 1.6001

Policy No. 1.6001

Subject: Fundraising

Issued By: Institutional Advancement

Approved: 3/9/2012

Effective: 3/12/2012

Revised: 6/13/2011

POLICY: The Division of Institutional Advancement is the official fundraising department of the university to lead in securing philanthropic gifts and grants for the university. The division acts to secure financial support for operating capital through unrestricted gifts. Further, the division acts to secure restricted gifts to meet donor interests including endowments, scholarships, capital improvement projects, or to support designated academic units, programs, or sponsorships. Prospective constituent groups include: alumni, individuals, corporations, foundations, churches, organizations, and other philanthropic entities.


  1. The Division of Institutional Advancement will develop and institute strategies that contribute to the overall strategic plan of the University. Further, the division will coordinate its activities of the University.
  2. All fundraising efforts shall be coordinated and approved by the Vice President of Institutional Advancement. University personnel wishing to initiate any fundraising effort with a private source must coordinate such activity in advance with the Vice President of Institutional Advancement ensure adherence to university priorities and policies and maximize success.