Complaints – 1.1001

Policy No. 1.1001

Subject: Complaints

Issued By: Office of the President

Approved by: 9/7/2011

Effective: 9/8/2011

Revised: NEW

POLICY: A record of all complaints and grievances made against the university, its employees, officers and affiliates shall be maintained in the Office of the President or his/her designee and made available to authorized persons.

PROCEDURES: All complaints and grievances that are received in any office at the University shall be addressed and resolved promptly, according to the policies and procedures developed for that office. A record of each complaint and grievance shall be sent to the Office of the President or his/her designee at the end of each Fall and Spring semester and at the end of the summer term. This record shall consist of the following:

Name of complainant, Type/nature of complaint,

Name of person/office against whom the complaint/grievance is being made, Result of complaint/grievance procedure, and

Location of documentation related to the complaint/grievance.