Accounts Payable – 1.2002

Policy No. 1.2002

Subject: Accounts Payable

Issued By: Controller’s Office

Approved: 3/9/2012

Effective: 3/12/2012

Revised: 12/2/2011

POLICY: The Accounts Payable Office shall not pay any invoice(s) without an approved Purchase Order or Check Request form submitted prior to the purchase. All payments to vendors will be mailed to the vendors by the Accounts Payable Office. Checks are printed once per week on Tuesdays.


All invoices must be confirmed and approved by a senior administrative official of the receiving department prior to payment to the vendor. All invoices are payable thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice, except those for which prior payment dates have been agreed upon and established by contract or written document. Any department that receives invoices in the mail must forward them immediately to the Accounts Payable Office.

It must be clearly noted on the check request if there is a circumstance that requires the check not to be mailed directly to the vendor.

All payments made to an independent contractor or an unincorporated vendor for services rendered require the University to prepare and submit a Form 1099 after the calendar year-end; provided the total amount paid to a vendor is $600 or more. When requesting payment to an individual for services rendered, the procuring department must obtain the individual’s social security number and a valid mailing address.

Each department is responsible for ensuring that invoices reach the Accounts Payable Office in a timely manner. It is not the function of the vendor to bring invoices to A/P. Supporting documentation must accompany each request for payment. It is the responsibility of each department to ensure that all steps in the “purchasing through payment process” are followed, in a prompt manner, with proper authorization for transactions and all supporting documentation for payment prior to any submission to AIP.

If proper documentation is not included with the request for payment, A/P will not process payment and the documents will be returned to the originating department with a request for proper documentation. Any documents received without the appropriate authorized signature(s) will be returned to the originating department for noncompliance.