Laundry Services – 1.2010

Policy No. 1.2010

Subject: Laundry Services

Issued By: Department of Auxiliary Services

Approved: 3/9/2012

Effective: 3/12/2012

Revised: 12/2/2011

POLICY: Florida Memorial University will be responsible for equipping each residence hall with laundry facilities to include washers and dryers.


Laundry rooms are equipped with C-Board card readers which allow students to swipe their University ID Card to access funds for activating washers and dryers. Students are encouraged to use their University ID Card to activate the laundry machines.

Laundry machines are located on the first floor of the following buildings: Goode Hall, Brown Hall, Coleman Hall, Robinson Hall (first & second floors), and the second floor of each Living and Learning Residence Halls. Students can monitor the status of the laundry machines online at the website below. The website lists each building that has laundry equipment. Students can see the status of each machine; vacant machines, occupied machines, out of order machines, and students can see when their clothes are ready to be removed.

For repairs/service requests or refunds students should notify their dorm counselor or manager, whichever is on duty. In cases of damaged or broken machines the Dorm counselors and managers should visit the following website to submit a repair order: