Procurement – 1.2019

Policy No. 1.2019

Subject: Procurement

Issued By: Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services

Approved: 3/9/2012

Effective: 3/12/2012

Revised: 12/2/2011

POLICY: The Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services for all departments of the University.

The University does not enter into purchasing agreements with faculty, staff or members of their immediate families. No employee, officer, or agent of the University shall participate in the selection, award, or administration of a contract or purchase, when knowingly, he/she, his/her immediate family, partners or organization has a financial interest in the company or he/she is negotiating or has any arrangements with regard to prospective employment. Procuring goods or services from a business in which an employee has an interest is prohibited. Questions concerning potential conflicts of interest should be addressed, in writing, to the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs.

The University accepts no financial responsibility for the purchase of goods and services made outside of authorized University policies. Purchases of this nature are deemed the financial responsibility of the individual who placed the order. Verbal orders are not honored by the University.

The University accepts no financial responsibility for the purchase of goods and services made without an official, authorized University Purchase Order.

Purchases for items that are of a personal nature or consumption and have no benefit to the general operation of the University are deemed the responsibility of the individual. Such items include, but are not limited to, bottled water, coffee, tea, creamer, candy, soda products, small office refrigerators, microwave ovens, or televisions.

The University President is the only individual authorized to execute contracts, leases, or agreements on behalf of Florida Memorial University.

Individuals who execute agreements binding the University without the proper authority will be held personally liable for any and all associated damages.

The University pledges to consider the many services and products offered by minority vendors and contractors in the procurement process.


Procuring Goods and Services

A purchase requisition must be properly completed and fully executed in advance of the purchase and in accordance with University guidelines to initiate a commitment for goods and services.

Goods and services to be paid with funds from agency accounts must be approved by the Department of Budgeting and Treasury Management Services prior to submitting a purchase order to the Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services.

The individual requesting a commitment of University funds for the purchase of goods and services must have budget authority over those funds and there must be sufficient budget available to cover such purchases. The requisition originator must have proper supporting documentation and required approval signatures when applicable.

Requisition Processing

The timeframe allotted for requisition processing is a maximum of three (3) days from the date of receipt. Check Requisitions must be received in the Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services at least five (5) business days before the check is needed.

In cases where a vendor will not accept a purchase order number, a Check Requisition Form should be submitted with supporting documentation (proforma invoice or quote).

The Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services will actively select vendors who have demonstrated the ability to serve the needs of the University by providing competitive pricing, as well as quality products and services in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Past performance is a key indicator when considering potential vendors.

New vendors to the University must be established in our Purchasing System before any purchase orders or payments are issued to the vendor. Only the Department of Purchasing and Procurement services can establish new vendors. The Department will require a completed and signed W-9 form indicating the proper tax identification number or social security number (if applicable).

Upon receipt of a purchase requisition, the Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services will determine whether the University’s Procurement Policy has been adhered to. If the Policy has been adhered to, then the department will confirm the required accompanying approvals and bids (when applicable), and determine if the specified budget has sufficient funds available for the purchase.

When the above procedures have been followed, the Department of Purchasing and Procurement Services will issue a purchase order, forward a copy of the purchase order to the vendor and return a copy to the purchase order originator.

Invoices processed against a purchase order cannot exceed the purchase order amount. In such cases, a new purchase requisition specifying the balance owed must be submitted prior to payment for the goods or services.

Purchase Requisitions submitted for facility replacements as well as repairs and/or renovations must be approved and signed by the Director of Facilities Management.

All capital expenses (items with an individual unit price of $500 or more) must have the capital expenditure authorization form completed and approved by the President and must be attached to the original requisition form.

Circumventing the normal procurement process represents a direct violation of the University’ s procurement policies and procedures. Items that should be purchased via the normal procurement process will not be reimbursable with the submission of an expense report. Such items include, but are not limited to, all office supplies, training and testing materials, flash drives, computer software, and printers.

Purchase Requisitions for floral arrangements will be processed only for employees, board members, or alumni for extended illness, hospitalization, or death.

Purchase or Check Requisitions submitted for voluntary activities such as departmental holiday luncheons, holiday treats, dances, decorations or door prizes will not be permitted or processed.

Restrictive Purchases

Computer equipment and software and peripheral devices require the review and approval of the IT Department prior to procuring the goods or services.

All telecommunication equipment (cell and landline phones) purchases require written approval by the appropriate Vice President. These purchases must be coordinated through the IT Department.

Copy Machine purchases require the written approval of the appropriate Vice President. These purchases require the President’s approval and must be coordinated with the IT Department and the Duplication Center.