Use of Institutional Vehicles – 1.3001

Policy No. 1.3001

Subject: Use of Institutional Vehicles

Issued By: Transportation Department

Approved: 3/9/2012

Effective: 3/12/2012

Revised: 11/10/2011

POLICY: Faculty and staff members may schedule the use of University vans, car(s), and buses for authorized and approved institution business.

All drivers of university vehicles shall be subjected to a driver’s license check.


Transportation Request Form (see Form A attached) must be completed and submitted to the Transportation Department office at least five (5) days prior to desired date of use of any of the vehicles. An approved Purchase Order should accompany the request form.

The purchase order must be prepared to cover:                                                           ·

  • Vehicle use
  • Driver (If applicable)
  • Fuel & Maintenance Attachment B indicates those costs.

All drivers of University vehicles must be registered with the University’s insurance carrier. A copy of each approved drivers’ license must be on file in the Transportation Department office, prior to requesting use of any vehicles.

The person scheduled to drive the vehicle is responsible for pickup and return of the vehicle in good condition. A clean-up fee of not less that $20 will be charged if the vehicle is returned in unsatisfactory condition. Any maintenance problems are to be reported immediately to the Manager of Transportation upon return of the vehicle.

Due to insurance requirements, use of vehicles is restricted to approved activities and institutional business ONLY. All vehicles must be returned to the campus each day, unless on an out-of-town trip. Exceptions to this rule will be handled on a case by case basis, and must be approved by the Director of Administrative Support Services in advance.

All vehicles will have a full tank of fuel, provided by the Transportation Department prior to leaving for a scheduled trip. If additional fuel is required prior to the return to campus, the Transportation Department will use one of its credit cards (BP, Citgo, ExxonMobil) for gas purchases. When the vehicles return from a trip the Transportation Department will refuel the vehicle and provide copies of gas card charges to the client/user. The cost of fuel used on the trip will be recovered by Transportation on the monthly charge-backs to the various departments.

Under no circumstances should users provide cash to the Transportation Department or the drivers assigned to drive the vehicles for gas purchases.