Drug and Alcohol – 1.4005

Policy No. 1.4005
Subject: Drug and Alcohol
Issued by: Division of Student Affairs
Approved: 3/9/2012
Effective: 3/12/2012
Revised: 1/30/2012

POLICY: Florida Memorial University strictly prohibits the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, sale, transfer, or purchase of a controlled substance or another dangerous drug such as a controlled substance analogue (designer drug) on or off the campus. It is also a violation of University policy for anyone to possess, use, or be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage on the campus or at a University-related activity off campus.

In compliance with Federal Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations, Florida Memorial University shall provide annual notification to students and employees regarding this Policy and its alcohol and substance abuse awareness, prevention and rehabilitation programs.


Violations of this Policy by any student or employee of Florida Memorial University shall constitute grounds for evaluation and/or treatment for drug/alcohol abuse, for disciplinary action and/or criminal sanction.


Disciplinary actions may range from letters of reprimand up to and including expulsion from the University. Such actions shall be in accordance¬†with the applicable “Standards of Student Conduct” and University policies and procedures. Student found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action ranging from warning to expulsion.


Disciplinary action may include mandatory referral to the Office of Human Resources for assessment, letters of reprimand, and progressive disciplinary procedures, up to and including termination.

It should be noted that use of prescription drugs with known potential to impair personal safety should be reported to supervisors or an appropriate university representative.