Intellectual Property Rights – 1.5001

Policy No. 1.5001
Subject: Intellectual Property Rights
Issued By: Academic Affairs
Approved: 9/7/2011
Effective: 9/8/2011
Revised: NEW

POLICY: Florida Memorial University encourages creativity and invention among its faculty members and students. This policy governs the intellectual property rights of the university, faculty members and students in the work product, ideas and inventions (regardless of the medium) created in connection with activities associated with the University (the “Work” or “Works”).

This policy does not apply to Works created by staff members or¬†administrative personnel, including faculty-administrators acting within the scope of their administrative duties because such works are governed by the “work for hire” doctrine or are otherwise the property of the university. Works by faculty-administrators acting within the scope of¬∑ their faculty duties are subject to this Policy.

The term “intellectual property rights,” as used in this policy, refers to copyrights, rights in trademarks and service marks, patents, moral :rights, and other intangible proprietary rights. The term “Works,” as used in this policy, refers to academic work, including, but not limited to:

  • art objects,
  • music compositions,
  • lecturer notes,
  • lecture transcripts and
  • tapes (audio or video),
  • works of original authorship (including both literary and artistic works, and including documentations of these such as photographs or art works),
  • software,
  • compilations of information such as databases,
  • and any other research, scholarly or creative work and its derivatives, 111 any medium, except as otherwise set forth in this Policy

It does not include any Works created by faculty or students outside the scope of their activities in connection with the University, except to the extent that such activities fall within one of the Exceptions below.